What You Need to Know Before You Select a Plastic Surgeon

Making a decision about plastic surgery can sometimes be challenging. Many center for plastic surgery have great results and people love them. Improved self-esteem, confidence and happiness are the results. This renewed confidence can lead to improved opportunities in work or new relationships. Many people feel the outcome was not what they had hoped for. It is usually the choice of the plastic surgeon that makes the difference. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity and number of doctors entering this field. The term plastic or cosmetic surgery can be used by any doctor who has a license. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the qualifications of a surgeon.

Start your search for the right plastic surgeon by seeking referrals. These can come from your physician, or your friends, family or co-workers who were satisfied with their surgical results. The hospital staff including the nurses, doctors and anesthesia specialist are great referral sources. You can also conduct research using the Yellow Pages and the Internet. Your next step is to narrow down the list. Your surgeon should not be just a specialized specialist, but rather a “super-specialist”. In general, the more often a doctor performs an operation, the finer his or skills will become. The surgeon you choose should be able to perform your operation on a regular basis, such as weekly. It is very likely that such a surgeon has a team of highly-trained specialists.

You should then call the surgery of each candidate surgeon and inquire as to what the top five surgical procedures are. This doctor should be removed from the list if it is not one of his or her top 5 procedures.

Step two is:

It is possible that a physician may have been subjected to discipline by the Board, or been accused of improper conduct.

It is important to verify the qualifications of a surgeon. Board certified is a phrase you are likely to hear a lot when it comes to plastic surgery. “Board certified” is an extremely vague term. In a large variety of medical specialties, there are many boards. Doctors have formed some of these boards just to get the title “board certified” and not be required to fulfill the criteria set forth by the reputable, established boards. The board that certified your surgeon is crucial.