What to Look for When Finding A Plastic Surgeon

Finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon can prove to be a challenge. It is important to not undervalue the difficulty of such a task. Take the advice of a trusted friend. Chances are, if your friend has been satisfied with a surgeon’s work, so will you. Unfortunately, everyone does not have a friend with plastic surgery center.

A nurse or your doctor may know of plastic surgeons who are referred to by them based more on personal relationships or their ability than anything else. Also, they will tend to use the term “hospital based” surgeons. These plastic surgeons tend to specialize in reconstructive surgery.

If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, make sure that the plastic surgeon is experienced and has been certified by American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Search for experienced doctors who are certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery. Do not trust fake boards or certificates which look like they were issued by an official board. The boards that appear to be official may look impressive, but they are likely meaningless, says Joyce D. Nash in What Your Doctor Can’t Tell You About Cosmetic Surgery.

Always ask the source of certification. You should be wary if your physician is not certified through The ABPS. Look in your phone directory to find cosmetic surgeons, but know that only 2/3 of doctors listed in “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons,” in metropolitan telephone directories are American Board of Plastic Surgery certified. There are some doctors who list themselves in the cosmetic surgery section of a telephone directory that have never received any training.

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