Te Rongoa Maori : Traditional healing practices in primary healthcare

Maoris in New Zealand have been practicing traditional healing for centuries. These practices are known as “Te Rongoa Maori.” These healing practices, which have been passed down from generation to generation, reflect the deep connection Maoris feel with the land, their spiritual heritage, and their cultural heritage. Te Rongoa Maori has become increasingly popular in recent years as a complementary, culturally-relevant approach to healing. Read more now on clinic matamata

Te Rongoa Maori is a broad term that encompasses many practices. These include the use of native plants, spiritual rituals, and traditional healing methods (mirimiri & romiromi). Rongoa Raka uses specific plants and herbs for treating various ailments. This is done by harnessing the healing powers of New Zealand’s unique floral. Wairuatanga is about connecting with the spiritual realm and recognizing the role that spiritual factors play in health and well-being.

Mirimiri, romiromi and other traditional Maori energy healing techniques work to balance your body’s energy. They also promote physical and spiritual health. These techniques can be used to reduce physical pain, stress and restore harmony.

Integrating Te Rongoa Maori in primary healthcare acknowledges the cultural significance and potential of these practices to enhance holistic wellbeing. Healing is not just a physical act, but also involves the spirit, mind, and emotions.

Te Rongoa Maori integration into primary healthcare requires cultural competency and collaboration among healthcare providers. This involves consulting and respecting traditional healers, or tohunga. It also involves integrating their practices into treatment plans when appropriate.

Te Rongoa Maori can help primary healthcare provide a comprehensive, culturally sensitive healing approach. It empowers Maori communities and individuals by promoting pride in their culture and acknowledging the importance of their traditional knowledge.

Te Rongoa Maori is a valuable resource for the Maori in their quest to achieve holistic health and well-being. By incorporating traditional healing practices in primary healthcare, New Zealand could create a healthcare system more inclusive and culturally appropriate that respects Maori heritage while promoting better outcomes for everyone.

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